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A Message to Clients

To all clients I cancelled meetings with on Friday and Monday,

My apologies for the short notice in canceling meetings at the end, and at the start, of the week. I was unexpectedly hit with an unknown sickness which causes me to sound like this:

Now, I know that most of you are wondering why a super-human-picture-of-health, like myself, is coming down with an illness like this. The cold and flu season should be months behind us and the transition to warmer weather brings afternoons filled with the sun’s warmth and vodka lemonades. Both have been known to destroy almost any known virus. So, why me and why now?

A quick look at twitter brought me these results:

image courtesy of XKCD

So, it is possible that I have the flu. I highly doubt it is the swine flu as, according to the twitter post above, I didn’t eat pork all week. It would be more likely that I have Chicken Flu or Moo Flu, but since I haven’t seen these two on a running ticker on CNN, I’m guessing that neither of those illnesses exist yet. That is too bad because we have a great campaign built around “The Voodoo you do for Moo Flu.”

Until that project lands in our lap, let me provide our Lounge readers a bit of a PSA regarding the recent Swine Flu epidemic. The CDC has posted some basic information on the swine flu on their site. Some items you’ll be interested to know is that you’re very unlikely to get it from pork products.

That will be great news for this lovable little scamp

Some basic (if obvious) public health advice: wash your hands often, and stay at home if you’re not feeling well. My apologies if I cancel more meetings this week, but I do it because I want all of our clients to remain happy and healthy. All clients with meetings cancelled this week will be compensated with extra drinks and/or deserts in our next meeting.

Stay healthy ;)

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