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Found Treasure

While going through the garage this last weekend, I came across this gem:


I remember having that cutout on my dorm fridge in my freshman year. From there it went above my art desk, in my first painting studio and it came with me all the way across the country on the dashboard of my powder-blue Taurus. It was on my computer at Kinko’s when I was a desktop publisher and at my desk at Imagebuilder Software (where I met my beautiful wife Heather). It was in my nightstand alongside lozenges and kleenex to provide that push to get up when I wasn’t well. The last place I remember this being was on my office wall when I was the Director of Internet Marketing at a company that let me go for “thinking different” (see post from 4/13/2009). It went into a box of my belongings which is where I found it this weekend.

This single panel in this one comic strip has provided so much inspiration in my life and I don’t know why it has been buried in my garage for this long. It is back out and posted on the creative wall here at Bauer Graphics for everyone to see.

If this inspires any one out there an n-th of how much it has inspired me, all that work in the garage this weekend would have been worth it ;)

Now get out there and enjoy the day!

- NEal

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We've got that "New Blog Scent!" »