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16 Useful Web Apps You Need to Bookmark

This original article from Maximum PC covered 30 apps that were essential. We currently use 10 of their suggestions so we thought about cutting down their list from 30 suggestions over six pages* into a condensed 16 item list:

Allows you to capture a video of what you are doing on your computer. Use it to make tutorials, make instructional videos, or just to build presentations and video podcasts.


We like to take our clients out for all of the wonderful work they provide us. We use OpenTable to quickly and easily make reservations online. OpenTable can also suggest nearby times, or other similar restaurants with open seats.

“Like TiVo for your blogroll”, Readitlater allow you to queue up articles to read later. Almost as awesome as…

Amazon Wish List
Go to any online store, and when you see something you want, click the “Add to Wish List” button in your Bookmark Toolbar. A great way to manage holiday shopping and vendor appreciation gifts ;)

This webapp does pretty much everything else when it comes to unit conversion. With hundreds of units to choose from, even the strangest conversion can be done in a flash.

Google Wave

Communicate and collaborate in real time! Google Waves are great for collaborating on articles and presentations.

Upload a PDF file, then easily write on it wherever you want. This allows you to easily fill out any form, even if they’re not in an editable PDF form…and IT’S FREE!!!

Invaluable tool in providing a quantifiable measure of your connection speed. Speed Test shows you ping readings and download speeds.

Many Windows users haven’t been able to use iPhoto or MobileMe to create web collages of their photographs. Enter Vuvox. Vuvox allows users to crop and rotate their pictures and embed their collage into any webpage.

Lovely Charts
Create simple charts and diagrams in a flash and then export your diagram to JPG or PNG, with a basic account (free).

A simplified alternative to Adobe’s Photoshop, Aviary not only allows you edit basic images but it also allows you to edit audio, vectors, and even color palettes.

We use One Time Download to send/receive large files here, but if you need to send a file to somebody that’s too big for your office’s email server, look into YouSendIt. You can upload a file up to 100 MB for free (up to 2 GB with a paid account), then email a link to that file to the intended recipient.

If you find browsing CSS readers tedious and boring, check out Newsmap’s colorful treemap. Newsmap arranges stories into squares with more important stories getting the biggest squares. bigger the square is, the more important the story.

We use this app to arrange furniture, but you could design a single house with vibrant 2D and 3D models.

Create radio stations based on their favorite artists, and generates playlists comprised of similar sounding artists. It’s the easiest way to find new artists.

We use it everyday! Simplenote replaces the Notes app on your iPhone and syncs to a desktop app that allows to access your notes from anywhere.

My fervent apologies to Maximum PC for not sending our readership over to read six pages of links, but hey, we’ve got things to do ;)

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« 33 Best Typography Effect Photoshop...
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